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Special dust vacuum cleaner

Specification:  MODEL NO  Z2-2300  Voltage  220V  Frequency  50Hz/60Hz  Electric current  9.6A  Capacity  38L  Net Weight  37KG  Packing dimension  540mm x 370 mm x 880mm     Dual motor design, Strong Suction. Ergonomic design, easy to maneuver Can be connected with TDA-100/150

Diluted epoxy resin (DILUTED TYPE)

1-3 Diluted epoxy resin (DILUTED TYPE ) Product EEW (g/eq) Viscosity (cps/25℃) Colour (Gardner) Application EK-8114 190~210 600~1200 <1 C12~C14 Aliphatic Glycidyl Ether diluted type EK-8115 175~195 600~1200 <1 Butyl Glycidyl Ether diluted type

Bisphenol F type epoxy resin (BPF TYPE)

1-2 Bisphenol F-type epoxy resin (BPF TYPE) Product EEW (g/eq) Viscosity (cps/25℃) Colour (Gardner) Application EF-8170 160~180 2000~5000 <3 Standard BPF type resin EF-8175 160~180 2000~5000 <3 BPA/BPF blended type EF-8185 170~190 6000~8000 <3 BPA/BPF blended type